Retrospective of Commissioned Urban Art in Houston’s Historic East End


About the Artist
An apprentice of world-famous muralist Dr. John Biggers, Jesse Sifuentes has established himself as one of the East End’s preeminent artists. During his 30 years as an East End resident, Sifuentes has created scores of public works and collaborated with countless partners to contribute to the area’s rich visual history. He currently teaches art at Texas Southern University.

He has amassed an impressive collection of public works on the walls of businesses throughout the neighborhoods. Sifuentes works in both paint and mosaic tile, creating murals that speak to the life and history of the community within which he works. Several years ago, Sifuentes collaborated with East End artists and students from Austin High School and the University of Houston to create the best in Houston’s contemporary mural art.

For customized commissions of public murals or to contact Jesse Sifuentes for purchases of his unique ceramic artwork, please visit his storefront
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